Asbestos Removal is a specialised field so it is very important that workplace rules are strictly followed. 

Asbestos Away ensures all employees comply with Workcover regulations, in wearing the appropriate protective clothing and respiratory gear. At all times, the area is wet down to reduce and prevent airborne particles. 

Asbestos Removal in the right manner is essential because of the health and risk factors involved in the process. Why not give Asbestos Away a call for free and professional advice?

At Asbestos Away , strict and safety precautions are taken when working, removing and disposing asbestos. 

ASBESTOS AWAY is 100% trained and licensed with over 10 years experience by accredited trained supervisors and staff. We organise and ensure your asbestos removal from the planning, preparation, removal through to the transport and disposal of it. 


This starts with studying the strategies required in removing asbestos from your property / workplace. We look at the access to the location of the asbestos, the parking and the amount of asbestos. We observe the structural condition of where the asbestos is located through to notifying neighbours, setting a date to do the job and most importantly notifying Work Cover.


Preparation begins with the setting up of the site, from all safety measures, warning signs, laying down of drop sheets, watering down at all times, and most of all eliminating all possible hazards that may arise during removal.


This stage begins only after the planning and preparation stages are final and complete. Asbestos sheets are removed using trained techniques to cause minimal breakages. After removal, it is wrapped in thick heavy duty builders plastic or bagged up in specially marked bags, loaded onto our trucks, tarped and secured before we transport it to an Approved EPA tipping station which is licensed to accept Asbestos.


For asbestos removal work, the person removing it must hold a current licence, issued by Work Cover NSW.

Licence holders at Asbestos Away must notify Work Cover NSW the full job description and the owner’s details at least 5 days before commencing bonded asbestos removal work. Once approved by Work Cover, all surrounding neighbours are to be notified of the start and finish date of asbestos removal work via letters box drop offs. 

A copy of the receipt of disposal and an independent Asbestos Clearance Certificate is issued to owner or person in charge.